Digital Marketing and Brand Management Seminars

Since 2010 EMU Social Media Unit has actively existed professionally in digital media. Thanks to the experience gained during this process and regular follow-up of innovations in digital media, the unit constantly keeps its knowledge about corporate brand identity management up to date.

With the awareness of the responsibilities of being a state university, EMU Social Media Unit shares its experience and its information with the institutions through EMU Continuous Education Centre. 

According to the needs of the institution requesting a training session, a special presentation is prepared for each institution and each institution is presented with the best sectoral examples in its field and how the institutions can implement them for its own usage.

Institutions that received training sessions;

  • Noyanlar Group of Companies (2019)
         Noyanlar Group of Companies is one of the oldest construction companies in North Cyprus. They recieved a training from EMU Social Media Unit about digital identity management, international marketing strategies, and data mining.

  • The School for Young Leaders,President's Office, Macedonia (2018,2019)
         Hosted by the President of Macedonia, The School for Young Leaders provided education for young entrepreneurs on various topics including digital media, social media and 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Iran Yekta Full Service Advertising and Marketing Agency (2019)
         Participants from many sectors were hosed in EMU and trained for digital and social media marketing.

  • EMU Alumni Communication and Career Research Directorate (2017)
          Alumni Communication and Career Research Directorate staff was trained on issues such as how to represent the corporate brand in social media and what to avoid while using social media.

  • İran Mahan Business School (2017)
         Mahan Business School Students from Iran that were here for the EMU Summer School were informed on how social media can contribute to companies, its impact on advertising costs and its user friendliness. 

  • Eastern Mediterranean University In-Service Training Sessions (2015 - 2017)
         Eastern Mediterranean University staff was trained on issues such as how to represent the corporate brand in social media and what to avoid while using social media.

  • Social Media Week Rotterdam (2016)
         EMU social media unit participated in the annually recurring event of Social Media Week Rotterdam. The event hosts many international speakers from all round the world and EMU Social Media Unit was one of the speakers informing the audience on how social media could be used successfully, social media usage in collectivist societies and social media usage statistics in Northern Cyprus. 

  • Raşit Group of Companies- Arden Gıda (2016)
          Raşit Group of Companies, one of the biggest import and export companies of Cyprus was provided with a training session on how to represent different brands on social media and how to promote their services on social media platforms. 

  • The English School of Kyrenia (2016) 
         The English School of Kyrenia is an institution which is has created its own professional systems, through theses system it is internationally recognised and accepts local students as well as international systems. The English School of Kyrenia were given a seminar on how to announce activities within the school, how to use social media consciously and how to reach new communities on social media platforms. 

  • Cherry Red Advertising Agency (2016)
         During the training session that was conducted with Cherry Red Advertising agency the employees were trained on issues such as the adaptation of advertising agencies to the digital world, the considerations in visual advertising, video and other materials in digital advertising, and the necessity of advertising agencies to direct customers to digital platforms.  

  • Iktisatbank (2016)
         One of the training sessions that were held by EMU Social Media Unit took place in Iktisatbank's head offices. This session was attended by the managerial staff of Iktistatbak. Staff behaviour on social media, the efforts of to pretend social media crisises, the importance of company language used on digital media and examples from the banking industry were explained during this session.  

  • Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of TRNC (2015, 2018)
         The training session that took place in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs consisted of the digital presence of the government institutions, the branding language of government institutions in digital environment, the risks and crises, and how to accelerate the distribution of information among the citizens of TRNC.  

  • Creditwest Bank (2015, 2018)
         The training session of CreditWest Bank took place with a crowded participant group; training was carried out with the employees that actively used social media. The tone of language used by banking in the digital world, world examples in the banking sector, ways to address local mass media, and creating a social media team within the company were discussed.

  • Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry (2015, 2016, 2017)
         During the regular training sessions that take place since 2015, the industrialists are informed on how to create their own brands, new trends in social media and examples from the industry. 

  • Turkish Cypriot Coastal Safety (2015)
         In the training conducted with the Turkish Cypriot Coastal Safety its members received information on how to improve the presentation of the services they provide, how to be more accessible and sectorial examples were discussed. 

  • EMU and Mersin Provincial National Education Directorate (2015)
         High school students and high school teachers participated in the workshop which took place with the cooperation of Mersin Provincial Directorate of National Education and Eastern Mediterranean University. On the first day school principals and councillors received information on social media. On the second day high school students received training on conscious social media usage.   

  • Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (KTTO, 2015, 2016)
         During the seminars  organized for the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, innovations, opportunities and examples from within the sector are discussed each year, as well as what topics may be trending next year and the ways that successful companies follow for brand promotion are shown.

  • Azerbaijan Student Society (2014)
         Members of Azerbaijan Student Society were informed on how to use social media more actively, transforming their online identities into personal brands, and how to improve their chances of employment through social media.

  • Socialist Democracy Party (2014)
         The training session of the Socialist Democracy Party took place in 2014 before the election period. It was attended by Mehmet Harmancı and his team, who is still serving as Mayor of Nicosia Municipality. During this training session, information was given on how political parties can use social media, how to direct their personal brands of political figures, and how to get more people through social media to get donations or participation for the political party.

  • Turkish Cypriot Hoteliers Association (KITOB, 2014, 2016, 2017)
         During the regular training sessions conducted with the Turkish Cypriot Hoteliers Association the hoteliers are informed on tourism sector within social media, how to encourage the guests to share content about the brand, and how social media provides feedback on the tourism institutions performance. 

  • Ornek Holidays (2014)
         Ornek Holidays staff members received a training session on the importance of brand presence in social media, how to create visuals and videos that match the value of the brand, and current examples from the tourism sector were explained to the staff.

  • Beyarmudu Municipality (2014)
         During the training conducted with Beymarudu Municipality, the social media unit explained how municipal services can be announced on social media, how to get feedback, and how announcements can be made to reach more citizens of the municipality.

Training Received for Social Media Unit

  • Viva Technology France (2019)

  • Brand Week Istanbul (2017)

  • Social Media Week New York (2017)

  • Brand Week Istanbul (2017)

  • Social Media Week Rotterdam (2015/2016)

  • Social Bakers Engage Prague (2015)